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FAQs: Find Answers to Common Questions About Coprotex's Products and Services

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Coprotex has been manufacturing garments for over 20 years now.

We mainly offer t-shirts, polo shirts, long sleeve shirts, women's clothes like blouses and dresses, kids clothes, and even corporate and school uniforms. Also, we manufacture medical-grade equipment such as face masks, gloves, personal-protection equipment and scrubs. Check out out our products page for more information.

In Q1 of 2023 we will be launching a full-featured E-commerce shop where you can order or latest designs and products.

Yes! contact us right away to get your project started!

Coprotex has so far as of 2022 9 operational factories.


We use a combination of premium cotton, Polyester, and Nylon and many more materials to fabricate our garments.

Shipping from our factories in Yucatán Mexico nationwide may take several weeks due to the location of the destination. However we have received multiple reports that our shipping times are acceptable and timely.

The process takes less than a week to produce the garments on a major scale

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