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See How Coprotex Delivers High-Quality Clothing and Medical Equipment

Process & Infrastructure

Design & Development

Our highly skilled and experienced team can create any style in line with the latest fashion trends. We complete every step of the design journey, including: design, pattern making, samples, creating specification sheets, decorating and embellishments.

We also specialize in analyzing and interpreting designs provided by our clients to ensure the final product is exactly what they imagined.


Our three certified factories that feature cutting facilities include tubular and open fabric cutting for multiple styles of garments. We have manual machines, as well as machines that can produce specialty products such as:

◆ Bias Cuts
◆ Laser Cuts
◆ Vinyl Cutting


In this area the batches of each production are banded to avoid problems of tones and quantities. The warehouse area is in charge of distributing the trims (threads, labels, closures, elastics, etc.) for the production that will go into the clothing once the banding is finished.


the sewing process begins after the fabric has been cut into desired styles. Next, the operator attaches the fabric pieces together using a sewing machine which punctures the fabric and creates a stitch that holds the fabric together.


We specialize in various styles of decorating/embellishing our garments including:

◆ Sublimation
◆ Serigraph
◆ Embroidery
◆ Rhinestones
◆ Heat Transfers


In this area garments are ironed to provide a more polished look before packing.

Final Audit

Though we have multiple quality audits during the manufacturing process, the final audit is the most important. It is here that we ensure every piece meets the customer’s expectations and they are fully satisfied with the results. All audits are conducted according to the AQL Military STS Manual.


We package each order to the specifications of the client’s needs: folded, pre-packages hooks, etc. We have the capacity to pack 800,000 pieces per month.

Shipping & Logistics

All production orders are loaded according to a packing list to ensure that the complete order will be received by the customer. We normally price our products as FOB Merida Yucatan but can help our customers with shipping logistics due to our relationship with freight companies.

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