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Meet coprotex, the premiere medical equipment manufacturer

The health and safety of our medical professionals is paramount. That’s why it’s important to ensure that the clothing and protective gear they wear is top-notch in terms of quality, design, and comfort.

Coprotex has been at the forefront of this industry for over 25 years, fabricating personal protection equipment (PPE), COVID-19 protective gear, and medical-grade gloves that are designed to meet the highest standards. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Coprotex stand out from the crowd. 

Commitment to Quality and Comfort 
Coprotex understands that quality and comfort are non-negotiable when it comes to medical clothing. All their products are manufactured with high performance fabrics like polyester, nylon, and spandex that provide superior protection while remaining lightweight, breathable, and comfortable to wear. Additionally, all of their fabrics offer excellent stain resistance as well as superior abrasion resistance so they can withstand frequent washings without losing their shape or color. It is also worth noting that all of their materials exceed EN13795 requirements for surgical gowns which means they comply with the highest standards in terms of hygiene and safety. 

Innovative Design Solutions 
On top of providing superior quality fabrications, Coprotex also offers innovative design solutions such as adjustable waistbands on surgical gowns for added comfort; anti-microbial finishes on gloves; elastic bands on face masks for better fit; reinforced stitching on pocket openings; ergonomic designs on cuffs; gussets on pockets; as well as other features designed to optimize performance while keeping healthcare workers safe from any potential hazards associated with their profession. 

Customization Options Available 
In addition to offering standard sizes in all its products, Coprotex also provides customized solutions tailored to each customer’s exact specifications. Their team works closely with clients in order to understand their needs and develop the best solution possible for them—be it a custom size or special finishing treatments like flame retardance or water repellence treatments applied directly onto the fabric. They also offer advanced printing options like sublimation printing which provides high resolution images onto fabrics without affecting their breathability or overall performance.    
When it comes to medical clothing manufacturing companies in Yucatán Mexico, Coprotex stands out among the crowd due to its commitment to quality materials, innovative design solutions, customization options available, and superior customer service offered by its team of experts who have extensive experience in this field. Whether you need medical grade gloves, COVID-19 protective gear or any other kind of specialized PPE garmenting solutions—Coprotex has you covered!

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Coprotex is Yucatán Mexico's most industrious garment, and medical wear manufacturer responsible for distributing over 500,000 pieces to an international market.

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